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Which room inside the School of Hard Locks will you attempt to escape?


Put yourself inside the story of the School of Hard Locks.

Each room appears just as it was on March 7, 1970 - with the occasional trace of some earlier trespasser left behind. 

Do you dare to enter, find the item in the room to bring out with you to prove you were there, and                                           before the 60 minutes is up? 

Or will you be one of the many intruders left behind to add to the noise in the hallways?


P.E. (Physical Education)


Don't bother to bring a note from your Mommy,


The SoHL basketball team just won the state championships and now their championship photo, along with the team itself, have disappeared in the eclipse with the rest of the SoHL students.   Break into the abandoned P.E. locker room to see if you can find them.  You have only 60 minutes before you 'hit the showers' - permanently.


OPEN NOW                                                                                                          Difficulty 8






Did you cry for Mommy on your first day of Kindergarten?   Well unless she is locked inside with you - Mommy can't help you now!


Don't be deceived by the surroundings, Kindergarten was NEVER this hard.  Forget ABCs and 123s - Do you remember enough about your colors and shapes to help you unlock the door in 60 minutes or less?  Or is it NAP TIME for you?


OPEN NOW                                                                                    Difficulty 7





Summer Vacation

Planning for Summer Vacation is supposed to be fun, right?  But what happens when your Geography Teacher becomes obsessed with his own holiday plans?  Aagh.  Will you ever get out??


Maps and compasses and souvenirs, Oh My!  Ciphers and puzzles and riddles, Oh My!  Are you saavy enough to traverse the clues, plot out the answers and scale the steps it will take to find the key to get home? You have only 60 minutes to finalize your plans.


OPEN NOW                                                                                     Difficulty 7






Science Fair
(Special Holiday Spells & Potions Edition)

It's that time of year - parents get ready to get creative - Science Fair is here


Physics, and Biology, and Chemistry, Oh My!  No, you do not need to be a scientist to get out (it is a school science fair after all), but you may want to wear your lab coats and goggles, this could get messy!


OPEN NOW                                                                                      Difficulty 5


Great for pre-teens and teens.  Email us for birthday party specials for this room


Every year during the holiday season our science teacher, P3, goes CRAZY and turns chemistry into POTIONS class and physics into SPELLS class.  The laboratory never looked so spooky.


How will you handle the challenge?   Wands not necessary.

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