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The School of Hard Locks Study Guide to Escape Rooms provides tools and direction to help make any escape room experience both more fun and more successful. 


  • How do you prepare for your experience? 

  • Who should you take to play with you? 

  • What do you do once you are inside to maximize your time? 

  • How do these locks work?

  • What kind of puzzle is that? 

  • Where are the pitfalls to avoid?

  • Why are the Room Monitors important?

  • How come time goes by so quickly once the door closes?


We answer all of these questions and more.


Our observations of thousands of people inside the rooms at the School of Hard Locks was the foundation for the Study Guide to Escape Rooms, but the tips are applicable to any escape room experience.  Both rookies and seasoned pros  will take away information to help them open the door before the time expires.  But remember - No Cheating!

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