Dog Daze of Summer

Once you leave your air-conditioned, climate controlled environment, it is hot out there. And no, the title is not a typo. It's been hot enough to set everyone in a daze. And this brings to mind what motivates us at the School of Hard Locks to keep striving and pushing even as the temperatures heat up, and others wilt in body and mind


As my favorite Comicon Heroes just said to me: "It's not about what's on the outside that counts, it's what's in the inside."

If you have the power over the control room of all that you experience - your mind - then you can indeed control your performance - your ability to react, adapt, modify and excel in your environment despite the heat. If like us, you are NOT going to Rio for the Summer Olympics, you have the opportunity to test and stretch your skills and that of your friends and family at an escape room. It is more than a fun hour, it is a way to build the mother of all skills - how you think. And especially when as a situation, or the temperature gets hot, you can hone the skill of making cool, rational choices.

Thinking 101

To systematize thought is to create an order to your thinking.

The very first effort to systematize thought all started with Aristotle, that famous Greek philosopher and scientist who died in 322 B.C.E. So many of our modern inventions, including the device or computer that you are reading this blog on started with the logic of Aristotle. He was the first person who scratched out the principle that if you could systematize thought, then people could think faster, and more accurately. If you systematize thought, than you can avoid, to the extent possible prejudice. This, my friends, is LOGIC.

Escaping from an abandoned school room at SoHL is just one more reminder, reassuring to know, that there is an order and a reason, and yes a logic to all experience. Yet, Aristotle had his limits and so does logic. True thinking “outside of the box” also requires a level of artistry

Going for the Gold in anything – sport, school, even escape rooms - takes both sides of your brain, discipline and creativity. There is a place for visualization and logic but creative thinking and will be needed to excel both inside and outside SoHL. To grow your brain, like all skills, it takes time and repetition. Carve out 59 minutes this hot AUGUST doing the one thing that will optimize it ALL- come prepared to workout both sides of your brain.

Answer Key: Putting systems into place first allows you to be creative

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