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Pack Dynamics

You know, I spend a lot of time at SOHL and I observe a lot of groups. What never ceases to fascinate me is the family groups - we have multi-generational families come in together to try their hands at the Escape Rooms: children, parents, grandparents, cousins, all locked in together - talk about togetherness.

Family groups, of all the groups I see, have the most emotions that come into play – when they come in to play with us. Yeah, you guessed it, there are teenagers who have a huffy fit when Mom or Dad won't implement their brilliant suggestion or twenty-somethings who insist their (incorrect) answer is absolutely right. There are groups who completely defer to Grandma, and groups who rely on Dad for anything technical. Friends and co-workers, they have their own vibe, but family groups - all the emotion and intensity of a family relationship comes out in an escape room.

Why? Because in an escape room there is no hiding from your family dynamic, your communication style, that is - what you say, the words you choose in that confined space and concentrated period of time make a difference. How you say things with a time limit, and a very definite objective is also brought to the forefront for all present to observe. More clearly than many other leisure activities, the choices you make in an escape room context have consequences. And also more clearly, this is an activity that all generations can enjoy together – regardless of who is the top dog and who is the young pup.

Of course, the reactions of the family members are not necessarily about the activities in that escape room, and it is amazing what you can still learn about people who you have known your whole life. Who knew Cousin Princess was such a math whiz? When did little brother Bingo get so smart? I have travelled around the world to find, you were always right there, having my back, or biting it, depending...

So, I am a pack animal, and very family oriented. I run with my pack, I share my food with them, and I realize, that if you really, really want to get to know your family, go ahead, get locked in a deserted classroom at SOHL.

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