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Chiave's Corner

"Why is there a dog on the School of Hard Locks timeline? Is that the same dog in different pictures? What does he have to do with the escape room? Do we need to know anything about him?"

You bet, it's me, Chiave XV. You think you are something because you are a Jr.? I am the fifteenth in the long line of SoHL mascots. If you know Anything about Australian Shepherds you will know I am More than capable of typing my own Blog, thank you very much. I do occasionally have trouble with the function keys and typing "alt" , "control" and "delete" simultaneously is challenging , it works sometimes if I use my nose, but I digress.

I am here to tell you about strategy and rules. rUle 1-4 is NO Cats. No exceptions. What else can I say? My motto is: Love me or hate me, your choice. But never, misunderstand me. You got got that?


Now you may wonder why there are so many photos of me, and my illustrious forbears on the wall at SoHL. Why? Because the Chiaves are very important. We are - The Key! What we stand for. The values we embody, through the decades.

Don't chase your tail. Clean your plate.

Be loyal.

Be alert.


Sleep when you can.

Don't take a doggie bag.

Don't be afraid to express yourself.

Fences are made to jump over, DIG under, or break through.

Never under-estimate the power of brute force.

I will always catch, and never fetch.

Remember your friends.

Bark at your enemies.

If you don't ask, you will never get.

These are some basic rules that have served us well, and continue to add joy and longevity to my days. There is a LOT you can learn from a dog. And I will be sharing some of the answers right here in Chiave's Corner. If you see me patrolling as SoHL, make sure to say "Hi" but choose your words well, they may end up in my blog.

Until next week, make sure to take your dog for a walk.

Answer Key: Even in an Escape Room, obstacles are an illusion.

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