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Thank you for reading our Gaming the Brain Blog.

About a year ago Tony and I founded an Escape Room in my hometown of Carlsbad, California and to date, over 2000 people have been our guests.

Why an Escape Room? Well, it is the culmination of a lifetime fascination with logic puzzles, anagrams, as well as my passion for theater and competitive sport. As a kid I wiled away hours doing puzzles (logic puzzles were my favorite). I grew up in New Jersey, and my Mom and I would take the bus into the Port Authority once a month, and go to Times Square where we stand in line to see the half price musicals. The lights, the excitement, the buzz, made me realize it was the transitory, intense experiences of live theater that were my precious possessions. In college I fell in love with competitive sport so - I can sing most Broadway shows verbatim in their entirety, but I can also quote sports scores for all playoff teams for the last two decades. I have a degree in Theater Management from Cornell University, and I have spent my career as a Management Consultant and Customer Service Advisor for Major League Sports as well as large scale Retail and Human Resource companies.

In 2016, it’s about being smarter and more efficient. The competitive advantage. But how do you get smarter? How do you escape the humdrum of mediocrity, and the numbing generic nature of our digital life? How do you reconnect with people on a person-to-person basis?



Hi, I am Tony. I grew up in Brooklyn, New York, the second youngest of five boys. For me life has always been about persistence and focus. I was not the tallest, or the fastest kid in the neighborhood. But I was always the most determined. Nothing was going to get in my way when I wanted something.

I believe that success can be replicated. If you want to be successful, find someone who is and try to follow in their footsteps! To be better than them, you need to take their success to the next level.

I believe that perfect practice will help you get close to perfection. So practice is what I did! Where did that get me? It helped me earn a free college education and spend a few years playing basketball professionally.

For the last thirty years I have helped companies drive revenues and create market presence. And now, I founded the School of Hard Locks in Carlsbad, California with Sandy. In the boardroom or on the basketball court, I know what makes a winning team: collaboration, inspiration, leadership, and focus.

The same principles that make you successful in sports can help you find success in business. Sandy and I have incorporated many of our sports learning with our business background to create the ultimate Teamwork experience.

Enter the Gaming the Brain Blog. Each week we will give you drills to schematize success and to maximize mental focus. This is not a dress rehearsal, it’s life.

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